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Cooperation agreement ceremony between MUCE and ADC
Prof. Hitoshi TANAKA, Tohoku University, JAPAN visited and worked with Mientrung University of Civil Engineering
Student with book festival at MUCE
MUCE rector met president of congress of LAOS PDR; MOU between MUCE and Souphanouvong University, Laos
Prof.Dr. Vu Ngoc Anh
Rector of MUCE

Call for ACEA 2016

         Conference on advances in civil engineering and architecture 2016 (ACEA 2016) will be held on March 24th, 2016 at Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen, Vietnam. The conference will be co-organized by Mientrung University of Civil Engineering (MUCE) and National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE). This event is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of MUCE (14/2/1976-14/2/2016). It aims to share knowledge on emerging trends and new challenges in civil engineering and architecture.

The background of conferences will cover all topics, including Structural Engineering, Bridge and Road Engineering, Earthquake, Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering; High-rise Buildings; New construction materials; Environment-friendly Construction and Development; Supervision control, reliability and structural durability; Construction Technology; Construction management;  Architectural design and theory; Urban planning and design; Landscape.
          You are cordially invited to submit papers dealing with the subjects related to advances in civil engineering and architecture. The deadline for title and authors submission is August 15th, 2015. The full papers, which follow provided instructions, are to be submitted to the secretary of the conferences by December 31st, 2015.
         Tuy Hoa is the capital city of Phu Yen Province in south-central Vietnam. The city has the total area of 107 km2 and the population of 202,030 (in 2012). The city is formulated mainly from alluvial of the downstream of Da Rang River. There are two mountains in the center of the city: Chop Chai Mountain and Nhan Mountain. Da Rang River and Nhan Mountain create a poetic landscape. There is a Champa Temple on the top of Nhạn Mountain. Standing at this place, visitors easily enjoy a full view of Tuy Hoa city.
Tuy Hoa city has a fine white sand beach, which is a popular tourist destination.
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