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MUCE organized the scentific seminar “Advances in Construction and Artchitecture”
From 22nd to 23rd April 2016, the seminar was held in Mientrung University of Civil Engineering. This event is extremely meaningful to celebrate 40th anniversary of the establishment of Mientrung University of Civil Engineering. It was a chance for scientists, specialists, researchers to exchange experience, publish the updated scientific results, useful information to all delegates at the conference.
Organizing committee received 85 reports from 34 universities, institutes, domestic and international companies. 51 of 85 reports were chosen to publish at the construction magazine No.3-2016. The rest was published in the conference yearbook. 60 reports were chosen to present at the seminar. Inside, 3 reports were given in opening session and 57 reports were divided into 12 subcommittee related to construction engineering, Architecture – Planning, Geotechnique, Structure – new material technology. In the afternoon on 23th April 2016, organizing committee ACEA 2016 arranged all delegates to visit some famous landscapes such as Mang Lang church, Da Dia reef, Nhan tower.
All participants were included 150 specialists, scientists, lecturers, students. On the side of Ministry of construction, there was Dr. Nguyen DinhToan -Deputy Minister of Ministry of construction, Dr. Nguyen TrungThanh – President of department of Science, Technology and Environment.
On the side of information support, Dr. Ha Minh – Vice general secretary of Association of Structural engineering and construction technology.
On the side of organizing committee, Assoc.Prof Dr. Pham DuyHoa – Rector of National university of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. PhanQuang Minh – Vice rector
During 2 days, all reports were presented clearly and comfortably. The seminar finished successfully and delivered good impression to all delegates.
Some pictures at the scientific conference

Dr. Nguyen DinhToan -Deputy Minister of Ministry of construction gave a speech

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham DuyHoa –Rector of National university of Civil Engineering
delivered his speech

The Opening speech was given by Assoc.Prof. Vu Ngoc Anh at the conference ACEA 2016

All delegates took a photograph at the seminar ACEA 2016 

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