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 Workshop "Non-formal Education & Sustainable Development”

On 25th March 2018, Department of Research Administration and International Cooperation cooperated with SJ Viet Nam to hold the workshop with topic “Non-formal education and sustainable development” at Muce.
           The workshop aims to enhance awareness of students about creative studying method, apply the effective method into their life. From that, students are more skillful. They have chance to approach sustainable development in order to lead students to a healthy lifestyle. English is totally spoken during the workshop.
Students can exchange, discuss issues in study and life. They give opinion visually through pictures which help them more creative, clearer, specific, easier to remember, not stereotyped by using “Non-formal education” method.
Communication games are taken alternately in the workshop. Students are very eager to join enthusiastically under leading game by Bruneian volunteers and the participator from SJ Viet Nam.
The workshop content is very impressive to students. Knowledge related “sustainable development” is presented such as protect life below water and life on land, climate change, reduce plastic things, affordable and clean energy, education quality, gender equality,…From that, students can be aware of commitment in changing life habit, build up better lifestyle for themselves. Then, each contributes to sustainable development in the community.

Some typical pictures in the workshop as below


MsVy (Participator from SJ Viet Nam) instructs the rule of “Warm-up” game

Students discuss and apply “non- formal education” method to solve issues in group

All groups make a presentation with chosen topics

A Bruneian volunteer presents goals of sustainable development

Students, volunteers are eager to participate the teamwork game

Everyone builds up a sketch of healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Students, volunteers take picture at the meaningful workshop
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