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On January 31, 2018, at the A1 Hall of the Mientrung University of Civil Engineering, in order to create a friendly and comfortable environment and opportunities to improve English skills for students, Center for Foreign Languages - Informatics join with the Youth Union and the Office of Research International Cooperation to organize an English Club welcoming the New Year 2018 with the participation of many teachers, students in the university and especially participation of two Brunei volunteers and foreign lecturers are taught at the school.
At the event, the students participated in the debate, seeking answers in many attractive games such as: "Catch the word", "Draw the picture" under the tutorials of two Brunei volunteers (Yasmin and Amal). Beside that, many interesting questions have been set up and discussed very exciting. The program brought to unique cultures of Brunei and Laos as well as many experiences of traveling to many countries from Mr. James Gilvary McConnell. Interspersing with games and presentations are performances of dancing and singing. After the program, the gap in language barriers seems to have narrowed.
Some pictures at the event
Christopher Alan Pratt presented the song "Hotel California"

The teams listened to rules of the game "Draw the picture"

Christopher Alan Paratt and James Gilvary McConnell scored for each teams

Dance performance "Despacito" of English Club’s members

Mr. Chuexiong (Laos student) introduced his Lao country

James Gilvary Mcconnell shared his experiences in living abroad


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